Rejections~Part of Being a Writer!

Good Day,

Writing and rejections go hand in hand and your first rejection can be daunting. I’ve been writing since I was in elementary school and spent years developing as a writer, took writing courses, and read virtually everything I could and writing, editing, and publishing. It took me years to believe in my writing and find the courage to submit a short story. The first one I submitted I had actually completed in one of my writing courses. I truly believed that this piece was submission ready and worthy of publication so when I promptly received a rejection I was crushed and although I kept writing it took me several years before I garnered up the courage to submit another manuscript. This time I was prepared for the rejection which of course I received. It was a form letter stating that this did not fit their publishing needs at this time. I submitted several short stories to several magazines and continued to receive rejections. I became disheartened and stopped submitting but kept writing. However, that all changed when I  read an article about JK Rowling and how many times Harry Potter had been rejected which gave me the resolve to begin submitting again. It still took quite some time and lots of edits and revisions but eventually I had one of my short stories accepted and then two more and this finally gave me the courage I needed to delve into the world of picture book writing. Once again I received many rejections but then one day the magic word ACCEPTED became a reality. I am thrilled to share that I have published three nursing books with Springer Publishers and five books with Waldorf Publishers in addition to myriad nursing articles and several short stories most recently published by Guardian Angel Kids.

Rejections go hand in hand with writing and if you hope to get published you need to embrace the rejections and go deep within yourself to figure out why you’re receiving rejections and how you might revise your story to receive an offer of publication. Sometimes it’s the story and sometimes its the preference of the publisher/editor and sometimes it’s the inability to get out of the slush pile. Whatever the case may be you need to be willing to edit, revise, submit and repeat. And although I’m a published author I still receive plenty of rejections. So write because you love it and submit because you want to share your story but don’t despair when you receive those rejections because they are a sign that someone has read your work and that you are most likely on your way to publication.




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