2022 and Beyond: Announcements

Lots of exciting news to share in 2022.

2021 was a turbulent year. I had two books released by Waldorf Publishers Dale Earnhardt: Destined to Race and Hannah and the Hobgoblins were released in March. Both of these books have received some nice reviews. As of April 2022 I have had the rights returned to me for these two books and will be seeking new homes for them.

In August of 2021 Hurn Publications released No Dinosaurs Allowed! There was so much excitement and hope about this book and it received some wonderful reviews and a prestigious 2nd place award in the Royal Dragonfly Book Awards program. Unfortunately, my joy was somewhat short-lived as my publisher had to close their publishing business. This left me shocked, dismayed, and disappointed but I did not give up on my dreams and forged ahead and will be sharing good news about No Dinosaurs Allowed very soon!

I am thrilled that Clear Fork Publishers will be releasing my chapter book Detective Natty and Doggy Dale Follow the Clues in March 2023 and extra thrilled that the amazing and talented Ashleigh Heyns will be illustrating it.

The rights to several of the books that Waldorf Publishers published reverted back to me in 2021 and I am pleased to share that Pen It Publications will be publishing 2nd editions of The One-Eyed Pug, The Visitor from 4-D, and Essential Oils, Teas, and Self-Care. Release Dates TBA

March 2, 2022 was an incredible day. Touchpoint Press acquired world rights to four of my picture books No Dinosaurs Allowed, Booch the Pooch, Isabella and the Birthday Meatball Mystery, and Gold’s Most Amazing Snowman. Represented by my agent Dawn Dowdle of Blue Ridge Literary Agency. No Dinosaurs Allowed will be once again illustrated by the amazing and talented Ashleigh Heyns.

I have published 3 nursing books and Springer Publishing will be releasing my fourth nursing book Fast Facts for Patient Safety in Nursing this summer!

I will also be including writing tips on a more consistent basis so if you have any questions or topics please let me know.

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