Maisie the Halfway Holiday Helper

Submission for Susannah Hill Contest By Deborah Dolan Hunt                                                                     Word Count: 239       “Maisie, can you set the table?” asked Mama.        Maisie started to put out the holiday dishes.       “Maisie!” Grandma shouted. “Can you help me?”       “Sure,” said Maisie.        “Maisie, you need to finish,” said Mama.       “I’ll finish it… Continue reading Maisie the Halfway Holiday Helper

The Perfect Christmas Tree by Deborah Dolan Hunt This is a link to my short story with those lovable kids from "The One Eyed Pug" Brian, Meaghan, and John, and the incorrigible Chewy Belle. They are searching for the perfect Christmas tree when they lose Chewy Belle during a sudden snowstorm. There is a written and audible version. Merry Christmas and Happy… Continue reading The Perfect Christmas Tree by Deborah Dolan Hunt

Writing Style

Some writers edit as they write and others edit after they finish their manuscript. I do both but mainly I let my thoughts and words flow freely so as not to interrupt my creative energy. There is no right or wrong you just need to figure out which style works best for you. Happy Writing!!!