My entry for 50 Precious Words Contest (Vivian Kirkfield)

     Molly                         Deborah Hunt                            48 words Molly looked down from Heaven Please don’t be sad Mommy I know you don’t see me But I visit you all the time I am a butterfly I am a star I am a rainbow I am your heart Mommy wiped away her tears Hello my beautiful… Continue reading My entry for 50 Precious Words Contest (Vivian Kirkfield)

2/24/22 Thursdays Writing Tip

Writing is magical and whether your hope to become a published author or just write for the sheer joy of writing the best way to start is to write. Just put your thoughts on paper. Try to write something every single day to get in the habit of writing. When, where, how, or what you… Continue reading 2/24/22 Thursdays Writing Tip

Valentine’s Contest Proud Valentine’s Day                                                                Deborah Hunt                        Rose thought about Valentine’s Day. It was fun to open cards and get                   candy but the popular kids got the most and the unpopular kids got the least and                  the ones in the middle like her got some.                        “Mrs. Heart, can we do… Continue reading Valentine’s Contest