Slithering Snake

Slithering Snake
Deborah Hunt

Sammy Snake was curled on the giant Frankenstein.
“Trick or Treat!” the kids shouted.
Sammy slithered down Frankenstein’s arm to the candy cauldron.
“Treat!” Bobby yelled. He reached into the bowl.
Sammy popped out. “Happy Halloween.” His tongue flickered.
The kids ran away.
Sammy pouted. “Why are all the kids scared of me?”
“Snakes, get a bad rap,” Charlie Cat meowed.
More kids were coming.
Sammy had an idea. He sat on the giant pumpkin.
“Trick or treat!” the kids shouted.
“Trick.” Sammy balanced some candy on his head.
The kids giggled.
“You’re the coolest snake.” They took some candy.


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