2/22/22 Two Tips for Two Day


  1. You can journal in a journal, notebook, or on your computer. Writing in your journal is therapeutic and can help you develop as a writer.
  2. Be an observer. Use your senses to see, smell, hear, touch, and taste. For example, a day at the beach. What do you see? Write it all down in your journal. Describe it. The ocean and the foamy waves, the silky pink sand, the blue sky and white puffy clouds. What do you smell? Salty air, suntan lotion, food. what do you hear? Crashing waves, music, chatter, laughter, seagulls screeching, the lifeguard’s whistle. What about touch? What does the sand feel like? Soft, coarse, rocky. The water? cold, warm, icy, wet. The chair or blanket you are sitting on. What do you taste? Salt water, ice cream, soda, fruit.


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