LitPick 5-Star Review for “No Dinosaurs Allowed”!

No Dinosaurs Allowed review by book.maddie

No Dinosaurs Allowedby Deborah Dolan HuntAge Range – 5 – 8Genre – Picture book

Five Star Award

LitPick Review

book.maddieAge at time of review – 22Reviewer’s Location – Aurora, Colorado, United StatesView book.maddie’s profile

No Dinosaurs Allowed follows the story of a kind dinosaur and his struggle to fit in with the human neighborhood around him. His owner tries to find places for Teddy the dinosaur to play like the zoo, the library, and birthday parties, but everyone says that Teddy is too big. Finally, at the park, Bobby finds a group of kids who begin to love Teddy because he lets them swing on his tail and slide down his long back. After this, Teddy is seen in a new light among the community, and he is allowed to participate in all sorts of fun activities!


This picture book is a entertaining story about a large dinosaur named Teddy and his owner Bobby. The author does a great job of incorporating the feelings and emotions of Teddy when the community restricts him from participating in certain events. This picture book teaches readers that people should not stereotype or judge others based on their appearance. This story celebrates diversity and inclusion so that everyone can have fun and participate in activities together.Rating:5Content Rating:

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