Time to Sprout My springfling contest entry 2021

The little seedling snuggled in the ground.

Safely covered by a large dirt mound.

Mama told him that spring was near.

Papa told him there was nothing to fear.

The little seedling didn’t want to sprout.

He started to pout.

He didn’t want to pop out of the dirt.

His sister told him it would hurt.

Mama told him this was not true.

Papa told him he would love the dew.

He didn’t want to be stung by bees.

Or have scary bugs bite his knees.

Mama told him bees would tickle.

Papa told him bugs would prickle.

He tried to crunch down real low.

But he could no longer stay below.

He started to sprout from his mound.

His leaves popped out of the ground.

His family was still near.

He had nothing to fear.

He loved looking at the sun.

Being outside was going to be fun.


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