Great review for “The Visitor from 4-D”

Review #2: Review by Lisa McCombs

Reviewed By:
Lisa McCombs
Review Rating:
4 Stars

Reviewed By Lisa McCombs for Readers’ Favorite
When the Keating children, Michael, Keely, and Jake, work to assemble a giant jigsaw puzzle, a storm passes through the area, bringing it with it a powerful electrical surge that agitates their dog, Pooches, while transporting a tiny stranger, the spitting image of Michael, from the fourth dimension. Frightened at first, the children realize that they are Billy’s only hope of returning home. Not willing to share the unexplainable with their parents, the children seek the wisdom of a respected teacher to return their visitor from Planet Earth 4th Dimension, only to learn that Dr. Jenkins cannot be trusted. Jake would rather Billy stay with them anyway. Billy is Jake’s first true friend outside the family and he doesn’t want to lose him, even if it means Billy will never again see his own family. With the help of the Whiz Kids, the Keating children learn to believe in time travel.

The Visitor From 4-D by Deborah Dolan Hunt is a fast-paced, readable piece of fiction that draws the young reader in from the first page. Hunt’s command of the English language and the interest of elementary school minds is spot on. Children will enjoy the possibilities addressed in the story. Teachers and parents will appreciate the hidden lessons of friendship and responsibility. Where our third dimension world is rumored to be a cruel, polluted, frightening place, Billy lives in a virtual bubble in the fourth dimension of Earth, where littering and germs do not exist. The open-ended conclusion hints at a continuation of The Visitor From 4-D, which excites this book series lover.




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